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› Top Ten Sex Toys Gifts Nov 20, 2007
What is the best gift for any woman: flowers, perfume or diamond ring? While all of them are more than welcome, you won't deny that having a sex toy as a gift can be very pleasant. Though ladies can be too shy to admit that the best way to entertain themselves or with a partner is to have one more sex toy they could receive as a gift.

Here are some suggestions of sex toys that are not only bestsellers but also were appreciated by a huge number of women. Here you are, my top ten sex toys gifts. . . . READ MORE

› Orbit Ring Vibe - Heaven Pleasure Nov 04, 2007
I came up with the idea of using a sex toy during the intercourse long ago. I wanted both of us feel great and introduce something really saucy into our games. A sex toy for both of us? When I told my boyfriend that I would like to try a cock ring, he looked quite concerned, but I explained that I was more than satisfied with our sex life. I thought that we should experiment and there was nothing wrong with making both of us feel good. . . . READ MORE

› Beginners Bondage Kit Sep 26, 2007
I was always keen on experiments in the bedroom everything that is probably a definite turn on that would keep my desire alive. That's probably how I came up with the idea of introducing an element of S/M play. I am not really interested in torturing my lover, but he often said that it would be great if I took the initiative. . . . READ MORE

› Sex Toys For Dummies Sep 19, 2007
I have seen it all...blow me up Betty, Ultra Realistic Male, Vibrators that plug into the internet, and a vagina men can tote around with them in their pocket! . . . READ MORE

› A Secret Every Woman Should Know Aug 21, 2007
Once when we had a small talk with my friend Sarah she mentioned that her relationships with her husband were just amazing. This sounded really cool especially considering the fact that she was a six months mom. Since I remember her she never mentioned anything special about her sex life.

It was really surprising for me to hear that she was more than happy since she learned to experience pleasure and be in control. She said that she bought a sex toy and now it's her little secret. . . . READ MORE

› High ride sex experiments Aug 05, 2007
The idea to buy a personal vibe was tempting enough. To put it simply I wanted some action - a really hot action, the one that you cannot always have with your boyfriend. As far as i could hear from my female friends, almost all of them had some difficulty achieving orgasm through the intercourse. They said that they either required some lengthy foreplay or the right mood but they never mentioned the performance itself. . . . READ MORE

› Vibrator envy Jul 16, 2007
I decided to buy a vibrator, not that I really needed one desperately, but I thought it would be interesting to try. I heard something about sex toys from my friends and one of them was totally excited about Jack Rabbit Vibrator. She claimed that since she bought this wonder vibrator - she just got addicted to it, so that was probably a hint for me to where I could start the exploration of sex toys world. . . . READ MORE

› Why great sex is fading away Jul 05, 2007
Once people got to know each other on a physical level, they sexual relationships are at its peak and they don't even have the time to think over "variety". However, with the time even the awesome sex becomes not so acute for many couples. Who is to blame? One can say that having sex with one partner for a long time is a reason why sex feels rather routine. . . . READ MORE

› Top men-substitutes Jun 17, 2007

Sex toys
Probably more than a half of all women achieved their first orgasm with this wonder of sex toys industry. A lot of men would be insulted to know that this electrical device never disappoints women and makes wonders with their bodies. Surely, a woman wouldn't substitute a loving hug for a soulless buzz of a vibrator, but when nothing's left – the little naughty thing is better than bad relationships. . . . READ MORE

› The worst sex lies Jun 06, 2007
1. I never had such a good lover
This is usually true in one out of thousand cases. No need to say that almost everyone wants to be the best and probably that’s what most of us want to hear and would easily believe.

2. I had a storming orgasm
Faking orgasm has become the easiest answer to calm down man's pride still believing that sex was a failure if a woman didn't orgasm. Though, faking orgasm on a regular basis needs too many efforts to lie about it to your long-term partner.

3 I had so many lovers (men) ...

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